Sabie was of infinite help the night we had to take my son to the hospital because our 2 yr old Lab mix, Onyx, had bitten him on the hand.  It was a deep enough bite that we had to go to the ER.  My heart was torn between my dear son and my pup.  I was so afraid we would have to give him back.  I messaged Eliz-sha who reached out to Sabie for me.

Here's what Sabie got:

He is telling me it was definitely an accident.  Doesn't know what happened.   Feels terrible.

Yes...feels really bad....everyone is upset at me.  Got overexcited, didn't mean to hurt  and a bit embarrassed.   I'm getting more upset.

With Sabie's help I was able to tell my family how Onyx was feeling and how sorry he was.  Thankfully, the bite has healed and my son and Onyx are both ok.

Jen Taylor,


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