Our store sells unique items that hold our own personal intricate energy.

We make orgonite devices and jewelry.  Our crowning achievement is our wands that have a tremendous amount of energy.  You can either buy one pre-made or order one to your specifications.  We also have more subtle energy items like necklaces.  We make these items ourselves by hand.  No one has our unique energy signature and ability.  We have self-generating energy items so you can carry them with you and use them when you are running low.

We sell sigils to help you in your daily life, and they are awesome little tools. We have some for protection against anger, for your child until they turn 18, luck to bring with you, and one to travel with.

And of course we have our logo on several items, so you to can show that you are a wisdom seeker.  Check us out and then come back again, because our items are always changing.