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Sabie will contact you by email to book your session

I give insight and have many years of very useful life experiences that translate into solid intuitive guidance. My focus is on tarot cards. I try to give insightful and helps others with decisions.

Services & Abilities

I do written tarot readings, you send me your question and I will write about my findings. My advice intuitive and helpful. My medium is tarot which helps me in my journey to aid others.

I’d like to introduce myself to you. I am Sabie and I am excited to be working with everyone. I have been a spiritual being all my life. There’s been a few ups and downs in my existence, as for most people on this path. That said, the hardest thing in my life happened a few years ago; I had gone through a life-altering event. It happened to me and my family, and this, in turn, is what introduced me to Eliz-sha. Through her, I have been given this opportunity to continue my spiritual journey, and hopefully assist in yours.

Here’s what I do:

I give insight, where what I hear is helpful. I use tarot as a medium to help me in my journey to help others. As for my advice, well it’s been said it’s quite insightful and helps others with decisions they might wonder about. I can communicate with cats, dogs, and birds.


We answer questions in writing after doing the readings with the various decks that we use.


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  1. Sabie was of infinite help the night we had to take my son to the hospital because our 2 yr old Lab mix, Onyx, had bitten him on the hand.  It was a deep enough bite that we had to go to the ER.  My heart was torn between my dear son and my pup.  I was so afraid we would have to give him back.  I messaged Eliz-sha who reached out to Sabie for me. Here's what Sabie got: He is telling me it was definitely an accident.  Doesn't know what happened.   Feels terrible. Yes...feels really bad....everyone is upset at me.  Got overexcited, didn't mean to hurt and a bit embarrassed.  I'm getting more upset. With Sabie's help, I was able to tell my family how Onyx was feeling and how sorry he was.  Thankfully, the bite has healed and my son and Onyx are both ok. ~Jen and Onyx

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