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Orgonite Wands

The Background: My very first spiritual teacher is a talented engineer. What he taught me way back when is now becoming popular; it was the norm for him. One of the things he taught me was about Wilhelm Reich, a pioneer in the field of psychology and energetics. I based my wand on his studies and what I was taught.

This wand is designed to gather orgone energy from the world around it, very gently and in a controlled manner, hence its name, the Perpetual Wand. The copper is, of course, a good conductor of energy and the sand inside is tiny crystals, or what crystals are built from. The action is amplified by stones that clear, calm, and enhance the energy into the crystal-enhanced sand that fills the copper tubing.

On one end is a quartz crystal, which aids in direction and is not what creates the gentle power of the machine. The other end has one of three types of stones, depending upon what the wand will be used for, such as tourmaline or hematite for protection. Pink stones, such as pink moonstone, rose quartz, or amethyst help with receiving energies. Sending only wands to have quartz at both ends.

My team and I have been meticulous in making each and every one of these Perpetual Wands. I am, of course, part of the assembly line, but the wand itself does not need to be enhanced, as it works with orgone energy from its surroundings.

For added protection, we have engraved runes on each end of the wand.

To keep it shiny, it has been varnished with a clear varnish.

I am very excited about these Perpetual Wands! I hope that everyone else is as excited as I am, and will enjoy the end product.



*Each wand is made to order, please allow for up to 3 months for delivery 

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