Palo Santo Wood Sticks


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Palo Santo Wood Sticks

Palo Santo is a most interesting and useful tool to have around. Formally it is called busera graveolens and is native to Mexico, Yucatan, Peru, and Venezuela. It is in the same family as the more familiar and biblical frankincense and myrrh. It is nicknamed the 'holy wood' and sometimes called the 'saint wood'. It has been used in the South American continent since the time of the Incas. Recently called attention to in its Northern sister's continent, it has become available for use here. You can find it sold as a stick for incense and as an essential oil.

This interesting plant holds some remarkable potential. It is high in a chemical called limonene, almost 58.6 percent of the Palo Santo holds this chemical. This makes Palo Santo interesting because limonene has the potential to treat some major hitters in the world of illness. While further studies are needed, the potential is there. Palo Santo is a significant antibacterial agent as well.

Take out the health possibilities, and Palo Santo is an excellent insect repellent. The essential oil can be turned into a natural spray for both mosquito and bed bugs.
The smoke of Palo Santo wood is used by shamans to enter the energy field and clean out bad energy. It is said to help prevent negative thought patterns. The smoke can repel some evil spirits as well as bugs. It is a pretty good item to have in your arsenal if you lean to the spiritual practices and magics. It can either be burned like incense or used as an oil in its essential form.

It is becoming more price friendly, but at one time it was very hard to obtain. Because it is not cultivated, some ethical and environmental issues need to be addressed in the marketing of this remarkable wood. We may need to cultivate it as it's demand rises.

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