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*Price will fluctuate depending on spell requirements.  

Elizabeth’s rare and venerable art of dream interpretation and tapping into the unseen make her readings and insights seem like magic made real, time traveling, and a visit to a favorite aunt for tea.

Enter a new dimension of understanding through Elizabeth’s adept readings, scryings, dream interpretations, and writings. Her insights help trigger realizations and giving motivation for change.

Services & Abilities

Dream Interpretation
Life Path Reading with Old-Style Fortune Telling
A Different Perspective Reading
Life Coaching

Elizabeth positively based or entity based.

About Elizabeth

Most people call me Aunt Beth. I am the person you come to for friendly in-the-now advice. I love to work out people’s dreams the best. Tell me your dream and I can work the symbols in it to tell you what your brain was saying. My style of reading termed ‘automatic writing’. I use different tools to do this, including cards, candles and sometimes your name. Another specialty is that I can use a crystal ball if I am feeling nostalgic.

I am not the person for you if you are looking for a talk ‘face to face’ read. Think of me as your best pen pal ever. Unless you have a specific question or need a dream interpretation, I offer a full- time old-style reading past, present, future. If you have a specific question, and I can help you out with a different perspective I will.

Maybe you do not believe in this psychic stuff. Maybe you are just looking for someone to bounce an idea off. I can be that for you as well. After all, I am everyone’s favorite Aunt. Remember though, life is an adventure. Only you control the final choices in it. All I can do is give you a small insight, and some friendly “you can” motivation.


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Magic Help, Animal Communication, Different perspective, Life Path, Dream Interpretation, General Readings, Spirit Animal, Compatability Reading, Halloween Special Costume, Year Reading

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