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Kyanite Pendants

Kyanite is a very interesting stone to have in your collection. It comes in a range of color, but the most familiar and popular one is blue. You can find kyanite in clear, green, black and on rare occasions purple. It is not a stone that has a solid color and is often streaked with whites and lighter colors. An interesting fact about kyanite is that it has different levels of hardness in its structure. It is one of the harder crystals out there. It is used in the automotive industry to make heat-resistant products (think about your spark plugs). It is also used to make things like dentures as well. It's property and hardness make it ideal for these uses.

Why is kyanite good for your collection? Well, it is one of those crystals that does not retain energy. This makes it ideal for helping you clear out your other stones. This makes it a good stone to keep in a mix or a group of stones. In ancient days it was used by people who traveled long distances. It was believed that by hanging it on a thread made of the person's hair it could act like a magnet. We really do not advise this now, because we have GPS and more accurate maps available. However, it can still be considered a nice travel stone to carry with you. It is a deep communication stone. It is awesome to use with deep meditation practices.

Kyanite makes a beautiful gift to give to someone who likes to move around. However, the cutting of kyanite makes cut pieces more expensive than raw uncut crystals. If you buy it as a jewelry piece expect to pay a little more for it. The reason is that it is hard. Raw and uncut it seems more affordable.

Taking care of your kyanite piece is easy enough. Like many pieces in your collection, simply use mild soap and water to clean it. Then dry it off with a soft cloth. The only factor to remember about this rock is that it can chip and crack with a hard blow to it. Keep the chip factor in mind and try not wear it or use it in more active parts of your life.

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