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Sigils are an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have a magical power.   They are created through a focused intent.  Which basically means the person creating them focuses their will for a specific purpose and stores that will and energy in the creation.  The energy is then set.  The sigil can be created for a long-lasting and specific purpose.  It can also be set to ‘spin’ energy in a certain way.  Such as spinning luck in your favor.  This can draw in certain things, such as money and love.  It all depends on the design, intent, and will of the person creating them.  We have certain sigils that we can place in beautiful works of art.  These can be placed on your devices as screensavers, carried with you in your wallet, or hung on your wall.  Like crystals and other items, the sigil helps manifest the energy you wish to have in your life.

*Please do not copy.  Sigils with watermarks will not work and need to be Activate by Designer and Creator*

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Graphic Art Spells

Protection Against Anger, Generalized Protection for Kids, Protection Against Psychic Attacks

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