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Fuchsite Pendants

Fuchsite (AKA chrome mica) is a very interesting and colorful stone. It is usually green because of a chromium content. It was named for Johann Nepomuk von Fuchs. It is sometimes mistaken for zoisite. Zoisite is sometimes mistaken for fuchsite. They are similar in color and can have ruby crystals in them. If fuchsite has ruby or corundum crystals in it, it is called ruby fuchsite.

This is a pretty piece to have in your personal collection as it is vibrant and beautiful. It is also a great gift to give to someone. Especially people who need a splash of color in their life. It can be made into some pretty necklaces and pendants. kept as a rock on the desk it makes an eye-catching little paperweight. Not a really cool gift for children, they tend to like other types of rocks. It does, however, make for some really neat carved pieces. Maybe a fuchsite carved skull would work for your older kids.

On a more fantastical and magical level, fuchsite is a very fairy friendly. You need to keep that in mind. Remember these are not modern creatures, that we have romanticized over the eons. They can be difficult. It is also a good stone to lighten dark energy. It makes a good stone to help hold back depression to some degree. Please remember clinical depression really should be managed by a professional trained in the matter. Having this stone though cannot hurt and might help a little.

If you are a practitioner or crafter it is probably wise to note this is star charge stone. Charge it at night.

Care for it gently with dusting and polishing with a soft cloth. If you find you need to clean it more plain water is best. Store your piece in a soft cloth.

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