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Many of us are searching for something. Sometimes the answers we want, blind us from the questions we should be asking…

Hello, my name is Edwina and I am based in the United Kingdom. I have been a practicing psychic and Reiki Master healer for the past 25 years, though from a very young age I discovered my gifts. My gifts allow me to connect with my clients and their close loved ones. I am able to give clear character motivations of those surrounding a client's life. I work with my guides to deliver accurate predictions and share potential outcomes.

As a Reiki Master healer, I offer angelic energies, to the ground and balance my clients back into harmony with their mind, body, and soul. You are welcome to ask for long distance healing, psychic attunements, and spell casting. Please keep in mind, I will never tamper with free will, and therefore my spell casting is only used in the light of one's greater good.

If you would like to learn more, get in contact. Together we can get you on the right path, to where you truly should be

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