Hi, my name is Bronwyn.   I will be doing tarot readings using your Life Path number, not your star sign. I have found this way of reading is actually more on point other tarot readings I have ever come across.

Everyone has a gift and over the course of my life, I always felt the need to understand and analyze mystical concepts, philosophy’s, alchemy, spiritual and psychic abilities what was it and how did it all relate to me and my life.

Spiritual and psychic abilities intuition and inner -knowing.

Why did I know things?

I knew there must be away from a secret knowledge out there that could explain why we are the way we are.

I am an intuitive empath and a 7 life path or destiny number which is why I had an intense calling and fascination to seek out the truth and understanding of these concepts.

Over time my natural wisdom and ability to seek out the truth and understand myself and others led me on to uncover the knowledge needed to help others to live there best possible life through my own life experience wisdom and knowledge gathered over many years.

If I can help others to live there best possible life through making use of there positive character traits destiny and calling on their team of angels and spirit to guide them on this journey called life.

Working hard the up and downs of life I only wish that I had the knowledge a lot sooner in my life and to be fair we all have our own road to travel the opportunity’s and lessons are sometimes in plain sight if you know where to look.

Regards Bronwyn

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