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This is an opportunity to develop strong bases of a spiritual understanding.  Each student will have individually crafted lessons to suit your needs.  The work you put into it is the work you will get out of it. This is a course for those driven to understand the reality around them.

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  1. I wanted to share my story with others in my same situation. I have been dealing with a difficult custody case involving my Child’s father and his family. I have been fighting off a lot of negativity, along with the fear of the unknown, regarding my son’s wellbeing. His father is not seeing clearly enough to do positive behavior for our son. I also have had many fears regarding the actions his father and family might have and continue to do towards me. I came to wisdom seekers seeking help and guidance. I have had so much help not only guidance but spiritual guidance. I also have received help against spiritual attacks which as helping me and removing such negative energy being thrown at me. Instantly, I began to feel better once the energy was sent where it came from. I have also requested assistance regarding my child’s safety and protection. I am confident and know that my son will be protected against negative forces or energies. I trust who works for wisdom seekers 100% and know that they help those in need in the most positive, loving, and compassionate way. I rely on these women and look up to me as women of valor, wisdom, compassion, and strength. As a mother, I know I have places my trust w individuals who love what they do and truly care for people who need their help. I can only speak for my own experiences, I can also say I trust them with all my endeavors and know I will always have wisdom, encouragement, and love be on my side with them. I am so blessed to have come across this site and trusted my guides and instincts. Sensitive subjects like these are not easy sometimes to trust, but when all you hear is positive encouragement, Wisdom’s, true loving light, I know this is where I want to be and my soul. I hope anyone going thru problems can find the loving family I feel I have found with these women. They truly are powerful, wise, and masters of their practice. I am and always will be grateful to all they have done for my family and me. Words never can express how amazing these women are, and wise they are. <strong>~Laura Gomez *Verified Apprentace*</strong>

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