Why Choose Us

Get the answers you seek
You may have questions about your life. Things like: What can I do to help my career?  Is my true love really out there? Where do I go from here?  Finding those answers is a great reason to chose us. We have some amazing psychic readers. People who can use tools of the trade and their ability with clairvoyance and claircognizance to help guide you to the answers you seek.We have some great Mediums and clairaudience workers. These people can help you get the message you need to hear. Mediums can help you gain some closure and peace of mind by talking with those that have moved on. They can help you find your spirit guides. We also have some of the best Animal Communicators. They can give you some great insight into that beloved pet’s mindset.
The Spiritual Perspective
Maybe you feel you are looking for something intangible. Our Clairsentience psychics can help you find out what that past life was. They can help you find and understand your soul’s journey in this life. Our energy workers can help you see what is blocked in your life. They can help clear out that chakra that is a little clogged up, and give you some advice on how to change a few things.All our readers can help you find a spiritual perspective. They work within your own core beliefs to help you gain insight, knowledge, and truth about your own personal spiritual paths.
Understand the Life you Live
The life you live can be exciting, fast-paced, and stressful. Sometimes you do not have time to sit and talk. Many of our readers offer readings by email. This way you can read them at your leisure. You get a full reading and the opportunity to send back questions about that reading.Our readers can also give you advice on how to make that life better. Maybe you need a little more intense positive feedback on your life.  We have people that are great with coaching you through rough patches.
We have the best people to meet a variety of needs. All of our readers are ethical.  We hold high standards of confidentiality, honesty, and respectfulness. We screen our psychics to the best of our ability and hold them to a high moral standard.All of these are good reasons to choose us. The best reason is FUN. It can just be fun to see what we have to offer. Send us an email.



Wisdom Seekers gathers students, teachers, and practitioners of the ways of wisdom, and invites the curious to learn and have fun in a vibrant community. We endeavor to present goods and materials for healing and deeper insight, and offer connection with masters of their art. We also offer an apprentice program for those who seek to develop their natural gifts. Our community space is oriented toward expansion, deeper insight, and joy. Wisdom Seekers is a manifestation of the vision of Eliz-sha Keating.
Our mission is to create a space where wisdom, knowledge, and empowerment can be gained with insightful, mystical, people. We will do this by providing a diverse, highly cognitive spiritually intuitive community with people available to provide entertaining, informative, spiritually educated advice and with abundant resources. Empowering customers to move forward on their chosen life paths.
Wisdom Seekers is a place that we believe in honesty and integrity. We seek to expand wisdom in all walks of life, giving a place to go for people touched by a desire to seek wisdom. To aid them in their expansion of self-confidence and help them improve their style of life. We hope to make Wisdom Seekers a name that goes beyond the spiritual community, making it a household name that offers wisdom crossing cultural boundaries and geopolitical lines. We seek venues to spread the idea of spirituality beyond its present limits, and bring abundance to ourselves, while aiding the world to break free from limitations.

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